Damien Hirst – British Visitor’s Passport Sold At Auction

Damien Hirst – British Visitor’s Passport Sold At Auction

Considering that Damian Hurst is one of the most expensive and wanted modern artists, for which you have to pay Millions of Pounds for his art works, his British Visitor Passport from 1986 was gone for £875 including premium. I would not be surprised if we will see the same document offered in the near future at a much higher value. Will keep my eyes open…

Description of the auction house: Damien Hirst: A cancelled British Visitor’s passport, issued 15 May 1986, with a black and white portrait photograph of Damien Hirst 2 x 2 inches (5 x 5cm), signed by him in black ink, the passport giving details of Hirst’s place of birth, height and distinguishing marks scar on chin, overall 6 x 4 inches (15 x 10cm)

According to the vendor she knew Hirst growing up in Leeds and met through mutual friends at Jacob Kramer College. They both moved to London around the same time and eventually both went to Goldsmith’s College. Damien stayed at the vendor’s flat before going on holiday with her then partner’s brother and on his return he left the passport at the flat. By the time they realised, the passport had expired.

British visitor passport

Actually the document was offered to me via my website but at that time I couldn’t find an agreement with the owner.

Damien Hirst – British Visitor’s Passport Sold At Auction

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