Diplomatic ID’s USN Lieutenant 1934/41

Diplomatic Passport 1934

The show item is a diplomatic passport issued by the United States of America embassy in Tokyo, Japan in 1934. This particular passport belonged to Martin Robert Stone, a Lieutenant in the United States Navy at the time, who served as a language officer. Mr. Stone’s distinguished career in the Navy spanned many years, starting in 1927 and culminating in his retirement as an admiral in 1955. Diplomatic ID’s USN Lieutenant

The passport provides a glimpse into Mr. Stone’s early career, during which he served on several ships including the USS Colorado, USS Rochester, USS Nicaragua, USS Tulsa, and USS Long. In 1931, he was stationed in Shanghai, China. Two years later, in 1934, he was appointed as an attaché to the American Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, where he spent over two years studying the Japanese language.

Mr. Stone’s career continued to progress, with subsequent postings to Melbourne, Australia, and Honolulu fleet radio unit Maze 7th fleet in 1943. In October 1944, he was appointed as commander of Tusk group seventy-eight point two amphibious group 8, 9, and served as assistant intelligence officer staff commander seventh fleet secret duties. He went on to hold various other positions, including commander of Phillipe Sea Frontier in August 1945 and Naval activities Japan in January 1946.

Throughout his career, Mr. Stone received numerous honors and awards, including the legion of merit, Philippine liberation campaign ribbon, and navy unit commendation. He was also a lifetime member of the American club Tokyo Japan and the Army Navy club. Diplomatic ID’s USN Lieutenant

In summary, Martin Robert Stone’s diplomatic passport offers a glimpse into the early years of a remarkable naval career that spanned many years and culminated in his retirement as an admiral. The passport serves as a fascinating artifact of his life and career, which included service in various parts of the world and numerous honors and awards.

This set attracted many collectors at eBay, where it was sold in April 2023 for $620 (passport) and $675 (ID card). Great prices and a relatively high result for vintage passport collectibles so far in 2023 on eBay. Congrats to the seller and buyer. Diplomatic ID’s USN Lieutenant

Diplomatic ID card 1941

Furthermore, there is his diplomatic ID card from 1941 from the American embassy in Tokyo.

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