Diplomatic Passport – Anwar Sadat – President of Egypt

Today I am able to present you an extraordinary collectible! The diplomatic passport of Anwar as-Sadat, former President of Egypt.

Sadat, Anwar Anwar Sadat, 1981. © Kevin Fleming/Corbis


Diplomatic passport of Muhammad Anwar as-Sadat

Third President of Egypt (1970 – 1981)

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1978

Killed 1981


Anwar Sadat, in full Muhammad Anwar es-Sadat, Sadat also spelled Sādāt, as-Sadat also spelled as-Sadat, (born December 25, 1918, Mīt Abū al Kawm, Al-Minūfiyyah governorate, Egypt—died October 6, 1981, Cairo), Egyptian army officer and politician who was president of Egypt from 1970 until his assassination in 1981. He initiated serious peace negotiations with Israel, an achievement for which he shared the 1978 Nobel Prize for Peace with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Under their leadership, Egypt and Israel made peace with each other in 1979.

* Diplomatic passport: 48 pages, complete
* Diplomatic passport no.: one (1)
* Condition: used but very good
* Handwritten and with official seals
* Language: Arabic and French
* Issued in Cairo on 19 March 1974
* Initially expired: 18 March 1979
* Renewed until 18 March 1981
* Signed by 2 Ministers of foreign affairs at the time of issuance and renewal

Diplomatic Passport - Anwar Sadat - President of Egypt
Diplomatic Passport – Anwar Sadat – President of Egypt

This passport is a landmark in the history of Egypt!

As of 2014, the Peace Prize has been awarded to 103 individuals and 22 organizations. Sixteen women have won the Nobel Peace Prize, more than any other Nobel Prize. Only two recipients have won multiple Prizes: the International Committee of the Red Cross has won three times (1917, 1944, and 1963) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has won twice (1954 and 1981). There have been 19 years since its creation in which the Peace Prize was not awarded, more times than any other Nobel Prize.

The passport was offered to me many years ago for an astronomic high price.

Diplomatic Passport – Anwar Sadat – President of Egypt

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