Diplomatic Passport Reich Physician SS & Police

Original Passport (Ministerialpass) for ERNST-ROBERT GRAWITZ. Extremely Rare!

Ernst-Robert Grawitz (8 June 1899 – 24 April 1945) was a German physician and an SS functionary (Reichsarzt, “Arzt” meaning “physician”) during the Nazi era.

Grawitz was born in Charlottenburg, in the western part of Berlin, Germany. As Reichsarzt SS und Polizei (Reich Physician SS and Police)Grawitz was also head of the German Red Cross. Grawitz funded Nazi programs to “eradicate the perverted world of the homosexual” and research into a so-called “cure” for homosexuality. This involved experimentation on inmates in Nazi concentration camps. He was in charge of “enthusiastic” experiments on concentration camp inmates. Diplomatic Passport Reich Physician

Diplomatic Passport Reich Physician

Grawitz was also a part of the group in charge of the murder of mentally ill and physically disabled people in the Action T4 “euthanasia” program, including children from 1939. The officials selected the doctors to carry out the active part of the killing program. In addition, researchers both in and outside the SS wanted to exploit the supply of inmates held in the SS camps and use them for experiments. The interested parties had to apply to Grawitz, who forwarded requests to Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler, who then gave final approval. Diplomatic Passport Reich Physician

Towards the end of WWII in Europe, Grawitz was a physician in Hitler’s Fuehrerbunker. When he heard that other officials were leaving Berlin to escape the advancing Soviet Red Army, Grawitz petitioned Hitler to allow him to leave Berlin; his request was denied. As the Soviet Army advanced on Berlin, Grawitz killed himself and his family with grenades at their house in Babelsberg. Diplomatic Passport Reich Physician

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