Documents of a German Nazi Officer who saved Jews

Documents of a German Nazi Officer who saved Jews

Walter Schulze-Bernett was the Head Of The Dutch Section Of The Abwehr (German Military Intelligence) lastly in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel stationed in the Netherlands 1938-1941, then from 1941-1943 head of the Middle East in Ankara. He joined the Abwehr in 1935 and was a confident man of Admiral Wilhelm Canaris – the chief of the Nazi Abwehr spy network.

Schulze-Bernett saved 176 Dutch and German Jews in the operation “AQUILAR” in May 1941Six transports were organized via Spain to Lisbon. Each of the refugees had to pay 500 Gulden (similar to 750 German RM or a four-months salary, a value of $3000 today). Schulze-Bernett was directly involved in the first three transports as he was already military attache in Turkey by June 1941. The Jews had left the Netherlands by trains to Spain and Portugal and emigrated from there to the USA, Cuba and Latin America. Schulze-Bernett had not only ensured a smooth transport, but it is thanks to him that it took place at all.

These are TWO driving licenses of him from Germany and Turkey! Another fantastic collectible from my archive!

More details on Schulze-Bernett…

According to a feedback from Yad Vashem (Israel), Righteous among the Nations department, he was nominated for the title of the Righteous among the Nations in June 2015!

Country: Germany & Turkey

Pages: Germany 38 pages, Turkey 34 pages

Year: 1942

Visas: no

Condition: excellent

Revenues: 2 x Turkish

  • Turkish drivers license 1942


All documents are obsolete / canceled and for research and collection only!

Documents of a German Nazi Officer who saved Jews

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