Documents of an East German Diplomat

Estate of a GDR diplomat, active in Egypt as an advisor to the Egyptian Minister of Education and as 2nd Embassy Secretary in Ethiopia, as well as many other diplomatic assignments from 1965- 1985. Excerpt from cadre file. His wife accompanied him on the trips and was also active in the countries. Documents East German Diplomat

Includes passports and a service passport, identity cards GDR and foreign, certificates, papers, awards, letters, appeals, and more. Also, from his wife and parents. The papers document the entire life of the East German diplomat, starting in his childhood with a baptism certificate, vaccination cards, and others, through adolescence, social development, diplomatic work, etc.

I focus here on his passports and some further unusual documents which are not often spotted. Documents East German Diplomat

The documents are issued to Guenter Strube and his wife, Erika. His standard GDR passport was issued in 1959 and mentioned a profession as a teacher. Originally his travel document was valid only for one year until 1960. Only in 1965, his passport was renewed until 1969. There are travels to USSR, and Poland in 1959. Then we see very rare visas from Ghana in 1965/66 partly issued by the Economic & Trade Mission for Ghana in Berlin-Karlshorst (very interesting). The wife’s passport issued in 1965 and valid until 1970 includes the same visas.

Then there is his service passport from 1974, valid until 1984, with his profession as director. Included are several Indian visas, Denmark, Pakistan, CSSR, USSR, and SOUTH YEMEN (!) Documents East German Diplomat

Further interesting documents are a Driving License from Ethiopia from 1974, and an internal Ethiopian travel permit from 1977. Exciting is the appointment document from the East German Foreign Office for his appointment as 2. Secretary. Such a document I have never seen before. Other letters with official GDR letterhead are also very rare, especially those issued from Ethiopia.

I did not find any official records from Strube. There are some extraordinary documents in this lot but the vast majority of papers and badges are pretty ordinary. Here are some pictures… Documents East German Diplomat

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