eBay US tighten their policy for passport collectors significantly

eBay US tighten their policy for passport collectors significantly 
It’s been quite some time ago when I listed a Nazi or Nazi-related historical passport at eBay, so I was much surprised to get eBay’s infamous “Your listing have been removed – email”. As eBay doesn’t inform you about about policy updates (at least not me), I wasn’t aware of the much tighter rules, which makes it now in fact almost impossible to list a NS historical passport, even when all the NS symbols are removed.
eBay US tighten their policy for passport collectors significantly
As a eBay member since 2000, which means 18+ years, I only can recognize they continuously tighten their policy but hardly loosen them. Here is the current policy (accessed on July 2, 2018), which can be changed again at any time. It’s remarkable how detailed this policy is now when it comes to such items – see yourself…


We recognize the historical significance of World War II and that there are many militaria collectors around the world. We allow some related historical items, but ban others, particularly those that amount to Nazi propaganda, or that are disrespectful to victims.
  • Stamps, letters, and envelopes displaying Nazi postmarks (must comply with the Stamps, currency, and coins policy)
  • Currency issued by the Nazi German government, including military scripts
  • Historically accurate WWII military model kits that have Nazi symbols
  • Historical and religious items that bear a swastika if they are made before 1933 and are not related to Nazism
Not allowed
Items that are not permitted include, but are not limited to:
  • Historical Holocaust-related items, including reproductions such as:
    • Uniforms and personal belongings of concentration camp prisoners
    • Jewish identification (armbands, Star of David)
    • Holocaust photos that depict dead bodies, executions, or other violent or degrading scenes
  • Nazi-issued documents (passports, travel papers)
Historical Nazi-related items, including reproductions such as:
  • Uniforms, uniform components, weapons, or other items that bear Nazi symbols, whether visible or covered
  • Listings in which images are edited or cropped to try and hide Nazi symbols
  • De-Nazified items (items that originally had Nazi symbols that have been removed)
  • Items that were owned by, affiliated with, or books written by Nazi leaders such as:
    • Joseph Goebbels
    • Hermann Goering
    • Rudolf Hess
    • Reinhard Heydrich
    • Heinrich Himmler
    • Adolf Hitler
    • 1936 Olympic medals
  • Any item made after 1933 that bears a swastika (e.g., jewelry, clothing, rugs, fabrics), unless listed in the allowed section above. We are sensitive that the swastika is commonly and legitimately used in religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. However, given the highly offensive nature of the Nazi swastika, we have decided to not allow any non-historic items bearing a swastika..
  • Media identified as Nazi propaganda or that otherwise promote hatred or racial supremacy including historic and current items
For questions you can always contact me at www.passport-collector.com
Update from eBay. “This policy was updated last February 20, 2018. Please know that De-Nazifying is a process of removing Nazi symbols from an item. A de-Nazified item is still a Nazi item no matter what changes you make to it.” That’s at least the understanding from eBay.
eBay US tighten their policy for passport collectors significantly

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  1. Martin Weise
    3 July, 2018 at 10:07

    thanks for your efforts to make this known.

    • 3 July, 2018 at 11:40

      Thank you Martin. You always can contact me in case of questions. Cheers, Tom

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