Ephemera Society Fair London

Ephemera Fair UK

As a new member, it was my first visit to this Ephemera Society Fair in London, and I had much fun meeting very nice new colleagues. I will go again if possible. My table there was to promote passport collecting rather than selling items. However, both worked out well, and I found more excellent passports. For example

German large ID Card 1928 used as a passport
Saxe-Altenburg 1859
Russia Alexander II 1856
Principality of Lippe 1861

It was a pleasure to meet William Kaczynski (†) again, the book author of “Fleeing from the Führer.” William is writing about “People who make a difference,” He came to inspect my just-acquired Wallenberg Schutzpass. So far the most expensive document in my collection. On pages 145/146 of his book, he also displays a Wallenberg document. Ephemera society fair London


With my “assistant” Ed, we had many interested visitors at our stand. Seeing a “new” collection topic at the Ephemera Fair was refreshing for many visitors and dealers. I got great new contacts, and all my other colleagues were friendly and supportive. I spend a great time there. Ephemera society fair London


As there was at the same time another “Paper Fair” just a few hundred meters away at a hotel, this Ephemera Fair was not as frequently visited as usual as some dealers told me. Everybody seems to benefit from the large international antique book fair at Olympia. That’s why many fairs were held at the same time. Ephemera society fair London

Ephemera Fair UK
Never place any liquids near Ephemera!

Quite interesting was my sale of 5 passports to an interior architect who wants to design a new house with these passports. Again old passports go into artworks.

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  1. I attended the ephemera fair in London once in the 1980’s and was lucky to find a few unusual passports. I loved it.

    1. In the 1980s I didn’t even collect them. I can imagine that those pioneer’s times on passport collecting must have been awesome. I had only participated in 2012, bought and sold some great stuff, and meet up with some fellow collectors. Great times.

  2. Glad to see you had a useful trip to London again recently, Tom – your web site is certainly a great resource. Thanks again for your help.

    1. Thank you Andy. Glad you found again something for your collection at my website. Stay in touch and thank you for your kind words.

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