Estonian Nansen Passport

Estonian Nansen Passport
The document is issued for 19-year-old girl Tamara Matskevitch in Tallinn, Estonia. Excellent condition with a great photo of Tamara. Several extensions of her document. Hardcover. Nansen refugee (travel documents) are rare to find, especially in such fine condition (and with such a beautiful passport picture). This document type is widely called “Nansen passport” but is in fact always an Identity Document that was used to travel.

Estonian Nansen Passport For A Beautiful Woman

Fridtjof Nansen is best known for his visionary work on behalf of refugees. As Europe struggled to rebuild after the first world war, he directed the League of Nations’ first major humanitarian operation – the repatriation of 450,000 prisoners of war. His intellect, valor, and charisma proved instrumental in winning the support of governments and voluntary agencies.

We must raise our banner in every country and forge the links of brotherhood around the world.” –Fridtjof Nansen 

Nansen served as the League’s first High Commissioner for Refugees from 1920-1930, helping hundreds of thousands of refugees to return home. His efforts enabled many others to become legal residents and find work in the countries where they had found refuge.

He saw that one of the biggest problems facing refugees was the lack of internationally recognized identification papers. His solution, which came to be known as the ‘Nansen passport’, was the first legal instrument for the international protection of refugees.


When famine broke out in Russia in 1921-1922, Nansen organized a relief program for millions of its victims. For his crucial work, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922. Estonian Nansen Passport

Nansen spent the rest of his years working tirelessly for refugees – and preparing for one last polar expedition. Ever a man of vision and action, he was making plans to fly a plane across the Arctic when he died in 1930, at age 69. UNHCR established the Nansen Refugee Award in his honor in 1954.


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