Excellencies – The Württemberg Embassy in Berlin 1803-1937 is a great background source on diplomats & diplomacy at that time, which includes the biography of all 23 ambassadors. Every serious passport collector needs such sources to maintain and extend a solid knowledge for documents to read, identify and to collect. Such sources are as important as a collectible itself.This is often forgotten by collectors. I can say this book is a excellent source and I already found a few links to documents in my archive which gave me valuable information and due to these information these collectibles are also increasing in it’s collectible (historical) value.

You will learn about the policy and diplomacy during these years, the salon of baroness von Spitzemberg (which played a important role in those days in Berlin). Further you will learn about communication and interaction between the embassies and get familiar with the noble ambassadors which included quite notable names. Back then, the only qualification needed for a post as envoy was a noble ancestry. Only after World War I (Great War) such posts opened to non-noble applicants.

The book with 160 pages is a joy to read and includes many pictures of important documents. Very useful is also the display of all ambassadors signatures in their biographies, which included such prominent personalities as Friedrich Wilhelm Graf von Bismark, Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin or Axel Freiherr von Varnbüler.. The book is only available on the second hand market and should cost you not more than $20 plus shipping.

Excellencies - The Württemberg Embassy in Berlin 1803-1937

Excellencies – The Württemberg Embassy in Berlin 1803-1937

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