Fantastic Swiss Maid Passport In WWII Germany – Outstanding!

Swiss Maid in WWII Germany
Meet Swiss Margaretha Herta Maurer from Stetteln, Canton Berne, who worked as a housemaid in Germany during the entire WWII.

Margaretha was 1.58cm tall, with brown eyes and blonde hair. She signed her passport with Gerta Maurer, issued by the Swiss consulate in Leipzig on May 8, 1936. Swiss Maid Wartime Germany

The procedures for Aliens living in The Reich were pretty strict, as we can see on page seven of her passport with several registration and deregistration of the place of residence. Then her passport was prolonged yearly, and so was her residence permit. During the war, she remained in Germany, always in the Leipzig area.

Astonishingly, she didn’t return to her homeland, which would be a safe harbor. I found many stories from German maids going to Switzerland and abroad but nothing about Swiss maids in Nazi Germany. Swiss Maid in Wartime Germany

One unique story and fantastic travel document is the story of an Austrian/German maid in London who was forced to return home to The Reich for her duties in the motherland.

The Passport Swiss Maid in Wartime Germany

A pretty exciting travel document of a young Swiss girl, born in 1919 and working as a housemaid in Nazi Germany during WWII. Swiss Maid in Wartime Germany


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