Federal German Passport 1954 with unusual entry

Meet Siegfried Henschke, which passport was issued 1954 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. When the travel document was issued, Siegfried was 27 years old. He emigrated to the United States in March 1955, according to his immigration visa issued in Berlin. His passport was valid until 1959. Tragically, Siegfried had an accident later in 1959 as the German consulate in Altlanta added the entry on April 14, 1959, “blinded after an accident” and extended his passport at the same time until 1964. His occupation in the travel document is unspecifically mentioned as “Laborer.” Federal German Passport 1954

The entry of his blindness in the passport was made as a precaution. Modern passports do not have such entries of handicaps as usually a handicapped ID is issued. The rules might have been different in 1959 of course. Federal German Passport 1954

Federal German Passport 1954

Since founding of the Federal Republic of Germany, the government issued seven different types of standard passports. The last model was issued in 2017. ICAO is recommending to issue after ten years new passports to reflect the state of the art technologies to improve also the security of such documents. Learn more about the passport history of Federal Germany in the article below.


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