Free City of Danzig – Senate / Diplomatic Passport

Danzig Diplomatic Passport

The following travel document is an outstanding, beautiful, and eventually unique document which I have never seen before!

This SENATE PASSPORT (Senatspass) of the Free City of Danzig was used as a diplomatic passport issued Hans-Richard Hirschfeld, a government counselor, commissioner, later diplomat, and vice-consul in New York and Switzerland. When this Senate passport was issued in 1935, Hirschfeld was already working for a few years in the Presidential Department of the Gdansk Senate.

As the son of the landowner Feodor Hirschfeld and his wife Emma née Schwerdtfeger, Hirschfeld attended the Realgymnasium in Rendsburg. During his military service from 20 June to 7 December 1918, he graduated from high school on 23 September 1918. He studied law and political science at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, the University of Jena, and the new University of Hamburg. From 1920 he was a member of the Corps Thuringia Jena. After his referential exam on 26 May 1923, he worked from June 1923 to January 1924 at the ship and cargo control of the Hamburg-America Line, from January to May 1924 as a sailor. Until mid-December 1924, he was a construction worker in New York. On 14 November 1925, he joined the Justice and Administrative Service of the Free State of Prussia, on 22 December 1925 the Free City of Gdansk. After his assessor’s examination on 29 January 1930, he was in the Foreign Department from 1 November 1930 to 31 May 1931 and from 17 July 1932 to 30 August 1936, and in the Presidential Department of the Senate of Danzig from 1 June 1931 to 16 July 1932. On 1 November 1932, he became a member of the Government Council.

What a career! From sailor to a construction worker and government council member to diplomat and vice-consul and even ambassador in Federal Germany after WWII!

On 27 February 1936, he was drafted into the Foreign Service. On 1 May 1936, he joined the NSDAP. Initially an attaché in the legal department of the Foreign Office, he was sent to the Consulate General in New York on 3 October 1936. In May 1938, he became vice-consul, in December 1940 consul. After the German consular authorities in the USA had been closed in June 1941, he was entrusted with provisional tasks in the Foreign Office (personnel, administration, organization, foreign propaganda). Since September 12, 1941, he was sent to the Legation Council of Bern in October 1943. Since 27 June 1944, Counsellor I. From 1 June to 1 November 1945, he was with the Federal Political Department, German Representation of Interests in Basel.

After returning to Germany, he worked as a freelancer. He was denazified in November 1947. From 3 May 1948 to 29 June 1950, he worked at the Schenefeld District Office (District of Steinburg) as a civil servant and head of the housing office. Danzig Diplomatic Passport

On June 14, 1950, he was reassigned to the Foreign Service, which was initially a department of the Federal Chancellery; it was not until March 1951 that the Foreign Office was re-established. From the end of 1951, Hirschfeld headed the Department of Private International Law and Civil Law, and from January 1952, he was a lecturer to the Legation Council.

On 21 September 1953, he took over the management of the re-established Consulate General in Antwerp. On 2 November 1956, he was appointed Ambassador in Reykjavík and remained in Iceland until 17 October 1964, after being retired on 25 May 1964. Hans-Richard Hirschfeld was born on 26. Oktober 1900 in Aasbüttel and died on 28. Juni 1988 in Remagen-Oberwinter, he was 88 years old.

The Passport

As mentioned earlier, this is the very first time this type of SENATE PASSPORT is displayed! A beautiful document and significant for passport history in general. Every passport collector would love to have this document in his collection. Many thanks to my US fellow collector, who bought this outstanding document to my attention.

I talked to Helmut Weitze – Military Antiques, who sold this exceptional document and provided me with the pictures you see here. I am very grateful for this support. If you collect Militaria, then make sure to visit their website with fantastic collectibles. Congratulations to the collector who got this precious document into his collection!. Danzig Diplomatic Passport

Danzig Diplomatic Passport
Free City of Danzig Senate passport (diplomatic) issued to H.R.Hirschfeld


Danzig Diplomatic Passport
The passport has the No.98, which means 98 documents were issued in 1935 when this passport was issued. But how many exist still today?


Danzig Diplomatic Passport
Stamps of the Danzig Senate, money exchange stamps and a Dutch visa issued in Danzig


Included was also this telegram sent to Hirschfeld, saying that the Fuehrer promoted him to consul 2nd class. Congrats and Merry Christmas.


When I did further research on Hirschfeld, I found this document lot, which was at an auction in Germany in 2019.

Documents from the estate of the sent Council Hans-Richard Hirschfeld, Vice-Consul in New York – USA. This party book of NSDAP, 1939, statement of the Federal foreign office in 1941, various photos. The large certificate of appointment for Gesandschaftsrat first-class, headquarters of the 27. June 1944, original signature of the Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, in blue ink, and Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop

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