German Diplomatic Passport For East Africa 1891

German Diplomatic Passport Africa

Here, a fascinating huge German Empire passport issued to Nobleman Baron Schrenck von Notzing (German East Africa Schutztruppen / Protection Forces) issued by the Reich Chancellery on special order of King Wilhelm II.

German Diplomatic Passport Africa German Diplomatic Passport Africa

A beautiful example of a travel document for German East Africa which is not often to spot. I do have a similar document in my collection, also issued to a member of the Schutztruppen in 1895. German Diplomatic Passport Africa

ALBERT PHILIBERT FRANZ DR. MED. VON SCHRENK VON NOTZING was Lieutenant in the German Imperial East African Army in the function of a company commander.

Schutztruppe (literally “protection force”) was the official name of the colonial troops in the African territories of the German colonial empire from the late 19th century to 1918. Similar to other colonial armies, the Schutztruppe consisted of volunteer European commissioned and non-commissioned officers, medical and veterinary officers. Most enlisted ranks were generally recruited locally. German Diplomatic Passport Africa

Military contingents were formed in German East Africa, where they became famous as Askari, in the Kamerun colony of German West Africa, and German South-West Africa. Small local police detachments performed control of the German colonies of New Guinea, in Samoa, and Togoland. Kiautschou in China under the Imperial Navy administration was a notable exception. As part of the East Asian Station, the navy garrisoned at Tsingtao, the marines of 3rd Sea Battalion, the only all-German unit with permanent status in an overseas protectorate. German Diplomatic Passport Africa

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