German Empire Passport Braunschweig

German Empire Passport Braunschweig
Just got this beauty into my archive. The German Empire (1871-1918) existed of Kingdoms, Grand Duchies, Duchies, Principalities, Free and Hanseatic Cities, and Imperial Territories. This passport is from the Duchy of Brunswick (Braunschweig) and is one of the rarer types a collector can find. Its population was around 450.000 citizens in 1910. The Duchy of Brunswick State Railway was the first state railway in Germany established in 1838.

German Empire Passport Braunschweig

Look at the passport. Fantastic condition for a 101-year-old document. Beautiful handwriting, clear and crisp stamping, revenues, visa, and a nice passport picture. That’s just all a collector wants when looking for collectibles. Issued to a 60-year-old woman (pensioner) on Oct 20, 1915, and valid only for 6 months for traveling to Bavaria and Austria-Hungary (visa). This passport has the number 29 and as it was issued in Oct 1915 so we can assume that year not many documents have been issued. This travel document is one of the nicest and best-conserved documents I ever got for my archive. Happy to find it. Beautiful German Empire Passport Braunschweig 1915

Beautiful German Empire Passport Braunschweig 1915

The Duchy of Brunswick (German: Herzogtum Braunschweig) was a historical German state. Its capital was the city of Brunswick (Braunschweig). It was established as the successor state of the Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel by the Congress of Vienna in 1815. In the course of the 19th-century history of Germany, the duchy was part of the German Confederation, the North German Confederation, and from 1871 the German Empire. It was disestablished after the end of World War I, and its territory was incorporated into the Weimar Republic as the Free State of Brunswick.

I still try to complete my German Empire collection and I am missing only 4-5 types, but of course, they are the rarest ones to find but I know, that one day I will succeed. German Empire Passport Braunschweig

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