German Empire Passport – Free City Of Bremen 1908

German Empire Passport – Free City Of Bremen 1908

What a pretty passport in 100% mint condition, because not used and protected by a cover which was unusual for German passports at that time but known with UK & US documents. Also the type “Free City of Bremen” is not so often to spot. Very glad to get this item for my collection. Remember what I always say “Collect quality instead of quantity”. Unfortunately, I did not find any data about August Dreyer in the Bremen passport register. I wish there would be more passport register online. Bremen is a great example and exception!

German Empire passports from Bremen are nowadays challenging to find. If you collect these don’t hassle to grab them, even if you might pay a higher price – they are rare!


The online database can is at The entries cover the periods 1862 – 1905, 1910 – 1921, as well as Dez.1924 Sep.1936 for Vegesack, Total 75445 records are processed.


Emigration: Via Bremen to Everywhere

Bremen sources on Emigration

inventory of the references to be found in Bremen concerning the history of migration, esp. of emigration, revised by Peter Marschalck (Bremen 1986)

Bremen/Bremerhaven Passenger lists

A Project with the Bremen Chamber of Commerce and the State Archives Bremen.Data from 1830 – 1945 are transcribed with more than 700 000 names.

Emigration of Bremen Citizens

Loss of citizen rights; illegal emigration, emigration papers from 1552 – 1902.

Register of passports

The records of the police department contain names, occupations, hometowns, sometimes birth dates, destination, and others. Data from 1862 – 1905, 1910 – 1921, and Dec 1924 – Sep 1936 for Vegesack, are transcribed with more than 75445 records.

Departure dates of emigration ships

Departure dates of emigration ships from 1834-1939

Bremen 1908-006 Bremen 1908-001Bremen 1908-002Bremen 1908-003


German Empire Passport – Free City Of Bremen 1908

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