NS-German passport issued to “Telegraph Inspector” with visa to France.

Special here is this passport was issued in Königsberg which was then East-Prussia. Not often you find old German passports from this area and especially not in such a great condition.

During World War II the city of Königsberg was heavily damaged by a British bombing attack in 1944 and the massive Soviet siege in spring 1945.

Nowadays the sea port city is called Kaliningrad which is a Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania. Kaliningrad Oblast used to be the most heavily militarized area of what is now the Russian Federation, and the density of military infrastructure was the highest in Europe. It was the headquarters of the former Soviet Baltic Military District. Kaliningrad also functions as the headquarters of the Russia’s Baltic Fleet.

At any point in time during the Soviet era, there would be at least 100,000 troops stationed in Kaliningrad (though there are some estimates that run up to 300,000). Therefore, the population of the city was fluid and almost always temporary. Many military officers and their families would refer to the Kaliningrad Oblast as “the West”. The Soviet Union also kept nuclear weapons for use in case a war occurred.

A fantastic collectible!


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