German Passport of Governor General Dr. Hans Frank

German Passport of Governor General Dr. Hans Frank

Over thirteen years I have seen many significant passports but very rarely such one like this one of a key Nazi criminal who instituted a reign of terror against the civilian population and who was directly involved in the mass murder of Jews and Poles in occupied Poland “General Government” territory.

This is the German NS passport of Dr. Hans Frank, Governor General of the General Government. At the Nuremberg trials, he was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and was executed.

This document was recently sold at an auction for $US10.260 and comes from the prominent US collector John K. Lattimer.

Hans Frank – passport from November 21, 1941 Passport of the German Reich “no. 680/41” with perforated numbering “84911M40” issued to “Governor General Dr. Hans Frank Reich Minister” in “Krakow, 21 Novemb. 1941”, Location “Krakow Fortress” photo in civil including handwritten ink signature “Frank” stamp “Office of the governor General – department of Internal Administration”, valid to 20 November 1946. Registered Visa 1941-1943 for Hungary, Slovakia (3x) and Italy and German visas for one-off and re-entry “Invalid” in the Reich, to the last with appropriate -stamping. Significantly worn passport. Hans Frank (1900 – 1946), since 1919 DAP / NSDAP member, a lawyer and one of Hitler’s lawyers, in 1933 Reich Commissioner for the co-ordination of the judiciary, Reich Law Leader and Head of the Legal Office of the NSDAP, 1934, he is a Minister without Portfolio Member of Government , In 1939 he was governor-general of occupied by the Wehrmacht Polish territories that were not incorporated into the Reich, which explains the requirement for him. For his crimes against the civilian population, especially in the ghettos of Lvov, Warsaw and Lodz, he was sentenced at the Nuremberg trials as one of the major war criminals to death. Shown and described in John K. Lattimer, Hitler and the Nazi Leaders – A Unique Insight into Evil, 151. Collection John K. Lattimer.

Germany Hans Frank 1939-004

Collector of military artifacts

Lattimer resided in Englewood, New Jersey. His 30-room Englewood home contained an extensive collection of military paraphernalia, including “medieval armor, Revolutionary and Civil War rifles and swords, a pile of cannonballs, World War II machine guns, German Lugers, and drawings by Adolf Hitler. Lattimer collected personal items from several of the Nuremberg defendants, such as Hermann Göring’s underwear and his Luftwaffe ring. Lattimer was the owner of several grisly historical artifacts including one of the two cyanide capsules that Göring smuggled into his Nuremberg prison (Göring used the other capsule to commit suicide minutes before he was to be executed), a blood-stained collar that President Lincoln wore to Ford’s Theater the night he was shot, and a medically preserved section of penile tissue which Lattimer said belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte.

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