WOW, what a finding was presented to me by our fellow collector G.J. when we met once again for a collectors meeting at Lake Constance a few days ago. What you see here is a quite rare German Empire passport issued by the United States of America at the US Consulate General in Moscow 1915! You might think “How is this possible?”

Germany_US-Consulate_Moscow-1915American Consulate General in Moscow, German passport 1915, very rare!

We need to take a look into the chronology of WWI which has it’s source with the Assassination at Sarajevo of Archduke Ferdinand (28th  June, 1914). Just a few weeks later Germany declares war on Russia (1st August, 1914). Around this date the United States of America handled the German interests in Russia as a German Consulate or Embassy wasn’t any longer in function.

The passport shown here is for sure one of the rarest travel documents a collector can find especially related to WWI history. At wartimes it’s not that unusual that “neutral” countries handled the interests for a country at “enemies soil”. See also WWII when the Swiss Legation handled German interests in the United Kingdom as these two countries were at war. See picture.

Marjan-Wien-002-r89German NS passport renewed by the Special Division Swiss Legation in London, very rare!

However a German Empire passport issued by the United States of America is something very unique and I see such a document the very first time. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Gerhard!