Global Passport Fees 2022

Global Passport Fees 2022
Passports are a necessity in today’s global world, and so are the fees someone has to pay for a travel document. In the best case, you pay this fee only every ten years, as this is the maximum validity of a modern standard passport today. However, countries are still issuing booklets for much less than ten years.

Passport fees should be related to the average income of its citizens, and usually, passport offices charge between 2% to 4% for a passport compared to the average income. A few countries only charge 1%. But others also go up to 7-8% or more.

There is an extreme case in Africa where the figure goes up to 40%! I’m German, and our average income is €3230. Imagine if we had to pay €1290 for a passport! But that’s the case in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where a passport costs you the equivalent of $185 at an average income of $460. Two readers of my website even commented that a DRC passport is now $250, making the Congolese passport one of the most expensive in the world. Global Passport Fees 2022

Rather expensive passports are those from Australia ($230) and Venezuela ($200). Argentina, Vietnam ($10), Belarus ($12), China ($18), India ($23), Hong Kong ($32), and Thailand ($33) charge citizens the lowest fees. Bulgaria has the cheapest costs within the European Union at only $22.

Remark: Lebanon was earlier mentioned as the most expensive passport, but that was only the case when issued abroad ($300-$600). The fee for a Lebanese passport with ten years of validity was set on Sep 27, 2022, to $52.

Passports are big business. The global e-passport market will be valued at USD 21 billion in 2020. The forecast period of 2022-2027 is expected to reach a value of approximately USD 74 billion by 2026. The International Civil Aviation Organisation’s Doc 9303 also recommends a new passport design to maintain document security and integrity every few years. Below are the International Air Transport Association (IATA) trends from 2019-to 2040. Global Passport Fees 2022

People need passports, but at what costs? Should a passport office profit, and should your embassy charge you a higher fee when you are not in your home country?

If the fees of a passport are within the earlier mentioned range of 1% to 4%, then it’s fine with me. How does a passport office justify higher costs? Did they negotiate just a bad purchasing contract? Governments like to brag about having the “most advanced” and “most secure” travel document every time a passport is updated (which is always good timing to increase the fees).Global Passport Fees 2022

For example, several countries (Germany, for example) managed to keep the exact costs for a new passport even though the more recent version was significantly updated with state-of-the-art technology and security. I guess passport pricing is also a political issue. Global Passport Fees 2022

Why countries charge significantly more for a passport at their embassies or consulates is a riddle for me. While German embassies charge up to €141 compared to €60 at home, United States passports cost the same worldwide as at home – $130.

As a reader wrote, obtaining a Cuban passport abroad, e.g., in the USA, is extremely expensive. “The Cuban passport is valid for six years, its price is over $450 now, and every two years, we have to pay an extra entry extension of over $200, which makes the Cuban passport most likely the most expensive consular passport! Which adds up to around $900 in 6 years.”

The same seems true for the Syrian passport, which is just $12 at home but more than $300 abroad.

Citizen services should not profit, but they should cover their costs. Citizen service is a state obligation without extorting its citizens. By the way, China lowered its passport fees significantly in mid-2019, and the Chinese passport is one of the cheapest travel documents in the world at only $18!

The new iconic Belgian passport with a homage to the comic culture (so cool!) remains at the same price. The same is valid for the latest updated Singapore passport.

More than 150 out of 196 countries use ePassports
All data are in $USD and for a standard adult passport. Fees can be significantly higher abroad at consulates/embassies!

The passport fees worldwide are based initially on an old British Passport Office list. It is interesting to see how passport prices have increased over a decade. If possible, data comes from readers and web sources (passport office). However, the list and its data are incomplete, but I will update them whenever I can.

Costa Rica726y
Czech Rep.2710y
Dominican Republic326n
El Salvador255n
Hong Kong3210y
Korea (South)5010y
New Zealand12810y
South Africa3310n
South Korea4510y
Sri Lanka1910n
Trinidad & Tobago2010n

Readers might still remember the British Visitor Passport (BVP), a travel document used within Europe; one could get it instantly at the post office – for £1.50 (1971).

picture passports fees 1970s
UK passport fees 1971

In Cambodia, the passport fees are three times higher at $100 than in the neighboring country, Thailand, at only $33. The Thai passport was improved several times but remained at the same fee (B1000) since 2010. The new generation of Thai eMRTD is now valid for ten years. The New Zealand passport was in 2010 at $100 and 2019 at $128. Australia $145 ($205) and today at $308. Germany $66 – same fees since 2010, even after a complete redesign in 2017. Austria was until the end of 1999 at $38 and increased in Jan 2000 to $76. Today the Austrian passport costs $84. Passports are constantly getting more expensive as the security printing industry/government argues they always need safer documents to fight the forgers.

Some countries like Denmark or Malaysia would charge you an extra fee (penalty) for your new passport if you lost your old one. I think that is justified.




Many countries are facing massive delays in issuing new passports now. Social media is full of complaints about angry citizens, especially from the UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries. Passport offices seem to have solid difficulties after the world ends all COVID-19 restrictions to serve citizens properly. The same is partly valid for airports/airlines. Amsterdam Schipol was here the headline in the news several times.



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  1. The cost of Philippine passport for citizens is only USD 20.00.

    The USD 60.00 cost in your list is for passports issued in diplomatic posts.

  2. I am a citizen of Lebanon, living in Beirut. You should update the cost of the Lebanese passport after the country faced a severe financial crisis ) so the USD 330 was at a USD 1 was LBP 1500. Now the 1 USD is LBP 27000 in the black market. The cost of a passport now is around USD 75 and for now, there is no passport issuance, as the country has run out of booklets !!

  3. Dear Sirs, the passport price of IRAN, mentioned on your website, is not correct. It is stated that the passport price is 30 USD while the actual price is less than 10 USD and it is around 9 USD.

  4. Hey, just renewed my Norwegian passport in London and paid £122 (incl postage of £7) which is $166, not $50 as stated in your list… 😉

  5. Hello Tom,

    The Nigerian standard passport has two versions: 5 yrs / 32 pages ($41), 5 yrs / 64 pages ($55), there should have been a 10 yr validity passport but I don’t know if it was approved. I don’t know of anyone who got their passport at the official prices, there were always “processing fees” that doubled the prices.

    1. Thanks, Guy for your input. Much appreciated. I always use the data for the standard documents. I heard about the processing fees. It happens in other countries too. Cheers, Tom

  6. Danish passport is 145 dollars and double if you loose your old one.
    Please update.

    1. Phillip, that’s interesting and I think justified to pay more if you lose your passport. I know Malaysia does the same. Thanks, Tom

  7. Dominican Rep. Cost USD 32 last 6 yr
    Not electrónic
    Panama $100 plus $3 of birth certificate
    Last for 5 yr and has a chip

  8. The Syrian passport costs more than 325 $ (normal basis) and more than 825 $ (urgent basis) if you’re abroad. It’ll be valid for 2 years only if you didn’t do the military service while for 6 years for women, children and males older than 18 years and did the service. The passport can’t be renewed, must apply for new one after expiration in both cases 2 and 6 years. It takes 20+ days for routine service (normal basis) and 3+ days for expedited service (urgent basis) to produce the passport abroad.

  9. There are two options for obtaining Sri Lankan Passports.
    Urgent basis (could be obtained within a day) costs approximately $81 (LKR 15000)
    Normal basis (spend approximately two weeks) costs $19 (LKR 3500)

  10. This is directed to the author. The Cuban passport is valid for 6 years, now it’s price is over $450 and every two years we have to pay an extra entry extension of over $200. Which adds up to around $900 in 6 years.

    1. Thank you, Aniel. This is the price ABROAD in AMERICA for Cubans. The passport in the country is much cheaper. However, still relatively expensive compared to the average income in Cuba. Cheers, Tom

      1. Daniel is right, abroad in America, Europe, and elsewhere is $450 to make a passport as a first-timer, or $410 for renewal, with 2 validity stickers of $220 for a total of $950. In Cuba is $150 and the 2 validity stickers of $100, making this passport worth inside Cuba $350 for residents, with a median monthly salary equivalent to $40, the Most expensive password in the world. Think let’s compare it to a US passport, or any 10 years equivalent passport: $450+220+220+410+220= $1620

  11. Passport issuing fee in Belarus is from 1 to 3 b.a. (base amount) depending on how long are you willing to wait: 1 month = 1 b.a., 15 days = 2 b.a., and 7 days = 3 b.a. The base amount is variable and changed by the Council of Ministers from time to time, at the moment 1 b.a. equals 27 BYN (new belarusian ruble). At today’s exchange rate this is less than 12 USD and possible one of cheapest passport in the world. And yes, this is a passport for traveling, Belarus doesn’t separate internal ID.

  12. Zimbabwe has different fees. If you are a Zimbabwean living in the diaspora, your passport renewal fees are a staggering US$318 while for a Zimbabwean living in Zimbabwe, passport fees are US$50 – which is still high considering an unemployment rate of over 90% in the country.

  13. Libyan Passport costs $39.23 with official governmental exchange ($12.97 with black market’s exchange of today, and it’s valid for 8 years.

  14. El Salvador Passport is $25 and valid for 6 years. The same booklet is renewable for an additional 6 year period but you must pay $25 again and take a new picture.

  15. A Congo DR passport is $250 in congo and $310 when you do it at an embassy abroad, and is valid gor only 5 years

  16. Cuban passport for Cubans abroad is $400.00 if you go in person to the Cuban embassy in DC, otherwise the agency you go eill charge aproxemately $450.00 making a Cuban passport without competition the most expensive in the world.

      1. Ecuador passport is USD 90
        Chile one Is US$ 127 (normal one)
        Perú USD 28
        Bolivia USD 82
        Paraguay USD 31 (without legalizations of govt) 51 with legalizations (mandatory in Asunción)
        Uruguay first time USD 85
        Uruguay renovation USD 57
        Colombia USD 47 In Bogotá
        Source: passport issuer agencies webs of each country abóve mentioned
        Greeting from Buenos Aires city Argentina
        The Argentina one cost $10 i dont put cos you already have it!
        Love your page.

          1. Tom just to add the validity of a Paraguayan passport Is 5 yrs and the Bolivia one is 6 yrs. The Policía Nacional of Paraguay passport issues in Asunción. for now does not have a chip in the near future they will have a biometric passport the Paraguayan diplomatic passport are biométric I don’t know the reason for this

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