Guideline: US Passport History 1756-2016

Guideline US Passport HistoryUS Diplomacy and Passport History, 1756-2016

This booklet is a guideline for collectors of historical United States passports. I do not claim it is a complete history of U.S. Diplomacy or U.S. Passports. It’s instead a summary of core facts that I believe are relevant for collectors. When you collect passports, you need specific knowledge, as only as do you understand what you collect. You will be able to justify your collectibles on their historical value, which has, of course, also an influence on the price of any collectible. (By the way, I collect old passports for 20+ years). Guideline US Passport History

  • What document was necessary to travel between the British provinces, now states?
  • When was the first known passport issued in the American colonies?
  • When was the first passport issued by US Consuls abroad?
  • When was the passport photo introduced?
  • … just some of the most interesting facts you will learn
  • 60 pages   Guideline US Passport History

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