Literature about passport history or passport collecting is rare to find therefore you will get here valuable guidelines written by experienced collectors. Are you a specialist in some passport collection field then you are very welcome to contact me to share your guideline with us. Thanks to all contributors.

1. German Empire Passports

2. Allied Military Travel Permits For Occupied Germany

3. Spanish Passports (Part I) (II) (III)  (IV)

4. Every Assistance and protection – A History of the Australian Passport

5. Russian Passport System

6. The History Of The East German Passport

7. German Diplomatic-, Departmental-, and Consular Passports

8. German Seafarer Books

9. Singapore Passports

10. Identification Tags of German Southwest Africa (1884-1915)

11. Collector’s Guideline Travel Documents (passports)

12. Guide to Selected U.S. Travel and Identity Documents

13. ICAO Guide for Issuing Machine Readable Convention Travel Documents for Refugees and Stateless Persons

14. Celebrity passports in huge format in the German ViewMagazine including interview with me on passport collecting

15. China – Passports In The Late Qing Dynasty (1880 – 1910)

16. The American Passport – It’s History (Edition 1898)

17. Americans on Paper: Identity and Identification in the American Revolution (especially chapter 5 – passes)

18. List of passports (all countries)

19. 19th Century French Passport Laws & Documents

20. 39 Myths about ePassports

21. History of Biometrics

22. Guidance on examining UK identity documents