Italian Social Republic passport issued in September 1944
Repubblica Sociale Italiana (RSI)

italian social republic passport

The Italian Social Republic (Italian: Repubblica Sociale Italiana, RSI), informally known as the Republic of Salò (Italian: Repubblica di Salò), was a puppet state of Nazi Germany during the latter part of World War II (from 1943 until 1945). It was the second and last incarnation of the Fascist Italian state and it was led by Duce Benito Mussolini and his reformed Republican Fascist Party. The state declared Rome as its capital but was de facto centered around Salò (hence its colloquial name), a small town on Lake Garda, where Mussolini and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were headquartered. The RSI exercised nominal sovereignty in northern Italy but was largely dependent on German troops to maintain control. italian social republic passport

This construct existed for just 17 months from 23rd September 1943 till 25th April 1945 so you can imagine how rare these types of passports are. I saw only three or four documents in seventeen years. Looking at the document issued in September 1944 with passport number 21189 we can assume that maybe not more than 22000 of such passports were issued. How many of these may still exist today? italian social republic passport

There are also Service passport versions that look the same as the standard passport, only on page one there will be a stamp “Passaporto di Servicio”. They are of course even more rare to find. Hence, whenever you see such a passport-type grab it, even if in not so great condition.

italian social republic passport


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