Konstantin Alexander Freiherr von Neurath, German Consulate Lugano

Here comes a quite interesting German NS passport 1943 with the signature on a passport renewal of Konstantin Alexander Freiherr von Neurath. His father, Konstantin von Neurath, was Hitlers first Foreign Minister and Reichsprotektor of Bohemia & Moravia since 1932 but replaced by Ribbentrop in 1938.

1941_von Neurath

Konstantin Alexander von Neurath was Diplomat, Private secretary to the ambassador in Rome (his father) 1931-1933, Scientific laborer in the foreign office at the embassy in Brussels 1936-1940, Ambassador of the consulate in Lugano from 1943 and a representative of the foreign office (Propaganda officer) in the staff of Field Marshal Rommel. After WWII he was Siemens manager in Argentina.

Constantin Alexander von Neurath (1902-1981)
1925-1926 Training at the Embassy of Rome (private secretary of his father, the ambassador and later Foreign Minister Konstantin von Neurath);
1931 – 1933 research assistant in the foreign office
1933 Joined the Foreign Service
1934 – 1936 as Attaché at the Embassy in Rome
1934 Joined the NSDAP
1936 – 1940 Brussels Legation, first as Legation Secretary, from 1938 as Councillor of Mission
1940-1941 at the Consulate General of Milan
1941- 1943 Representative of the Foreign Office to the African Corps;
1944 Consul in Lugano

Konstantin Alexander Freiherr von Neurath, German Consulate Lugano

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