League Of Nations Assembly 1926

League Of Nations Assembly 1926

7th Assembly of the League of Nations; 1926 Germany joins League – Geneva, Sep 8, 1926 – Silent videos about the Assembly!

Besides Germany joins the League, the number of non-permanent Members elected by the Assembly to the Council increases from 6 to 9, and Spain gives notice of withdrawal from the League of Nations. Earlier that year, the passport conference was held in May.

Shot looking delegates’ seating toward raised area down front w/ a few men are sitting at tables. Closer shot: speaker reading document; another man on each side. MLS group of delegates outside; w/ Aristide Briand (France) in the center. MS Louis Loucheur (Fr) starts to walk by other representatives; then stops.

MS M. BruckSre of Belgium; with others. MS Eduard Benes of Czechoslovakia with Giuseppe Motta of Switzerland. MS the Maharajah of the Indian state Kapurthala with other Indians and Anglos. Group pose outside doorway: Great Britain’s Austen Chamberlain in front ctr.; his son also in the picture; various delegates; etc. Another group pose: German delegation at the door of their hotel; w/ Gustav Stresemann front ctr. League Of Nations Assembly 1926

Shot from steps of a gaggle of journalists and photographers crowded around; more people watching in BG. Germans tip hats to press and make their exit. Interior shot delegates seated in rows; others are standing. LS Stresemann is making a speech. Shot from the balcony looking out over Assembly, Briand walking toward front. MLS from side (w/ head out of frame) Briand makes response speech. League Of Nations Assembly 1926

Wide shot from one side of balcony Looking at delegates on the floor; spectators in the back and balcony; all applauding. Delegates are milling around & talking after the meeting. Group walking; Stresemann in front w/ another German diplomat. Group pose; both men & women; Briand in center international relations; organizations; diplomacy; meetings; peace.

League Of Nations Assembly 1926

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