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Passport History eBook EditionIT’S FINALLY DONE! After the massive success of the printed edition, the 2nd edition is available now ONLY as DIGITAL EDITION (eBook). 440+ pages and 200+ pictures. Passport History eBook Edition

Fascinating travel documents, exciting stories, photos, and current passport facts await you. Only eBook readers get access to exclusive online content with live links and QR codes in this digital edition, giving you even more vivid knowledge.

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This book will give you an overview of roughly 500 years of passport history. These pages contain insights on selected, rare examples of travel documents from the past, including extinct countries, fantastic stories, and astonishing passport photos. Identification papers, until the 14th century, were a privilege. Only from the 15th century have passports become somehow obligatory.

For the first time, issued to soldiers, especially mercenaries who had returned from war and for whom such a document served as a letter of dismissal. We discuss historical people, ordinary people, celebrities, heroes, and criminals with their experiences during their journeys in different periods. You will be surprised by the beautiful passport photo of a young Japanese woman in her Kimono during the Japanese Empire and some remarkable passports from territories that no longer exist, like German-Austria, Ionian Islands, or Manchukuo. Passport history eBook Topol

Physical travel documents as we know them today might disappear in the coming 20 years as travel, especially air travel, is significantly growing. Our society aims to optimize traveling into a seamless process while increasing security measures concurrently. Nowadays, some countries issue only electronic visas (which you don’t see on your passport). Biometrics like, facial recognition and fingerprints are significantly on the rise. So, you will also learn about modern passports, their technology, and their future.

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