King Louis XVI Passport 1782

Louis XVI - King Of France Passport - Versailles 1782

Louis XVI, King of France. Passport, printed and handwritten, signed “Louis”, for m. Felix Soffiet “fabriquant de bas”, for a journey from Paris to Gothenburg. Dated Versailles March 3, 1782, 1 page in folio, some tears in the foldings. Countersigned De Vergennes. Louis XVI passport France

Charles GravierCount of Vergennes (29 December 1719 – 13 February 1787), was a French statesman and diplomat. He served as Foreign Minister from 1774 during the reign of Louis XVI, notably during the American War of Independence.

Vergennes rose through the ranks of the diplomatic service during postings in Portugal and Germany before receiving the critical post of Envoy to the Ottoman Empire in 1755. While there, he oversaw complex negotiations that resulted from the Diplomatic Revolution before being recalled in 1768. After assisting a pro-French faction in taking power in Sweden, he returned home and was promoted to the foreign minister. Louis XVI passport France

Vergennes hoped that by giving French aid to the American rebels, he would be able to weaken Britain’s dominance on the international stage in the wake of their victory in the Seven Years’ War. This produced mixed results as, despite securing American independence, France was able to extract little material gain from the war. At the same time, the costs of fighting damaged French national finances in the run-up to the Revolution. He became a dominant figure in French politics during the 1780s. Louis XVI passport France

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  1. Hello, I have a passport in my collection, dated September 21, 1778, in Versailles. The second signature is allegedly Charles Gravier, the Duke of VERGENNES. But I think it’s another signature, another man. Pas was issued for Sr. Dumas, SAXON for return home – to Holland.

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