Luxembourg Passport 1950 – Allied Military Government

Very nice passport issued in Luxembourg on 4 Aug 1950 and extended till 1953, including three Luxembourg revenues, a visa issued by the ALLIED HIGH COMMISSION PERMIT OFFICE IN LUXEMBOURG, which is very rare to find, including $2 (small version) revenue stamp. Further Swiss border stamp and two early German visas issued at the Consulate general in Luxembourg on 2 Aug 1951 + 26 Jul 1952. The overall condition of the travel document with 32 pages is excellent.

Considering that after the WWII, the German Foreign Office was just re-established on 15 March 1951, with its headquarters in Bonn, these German consular visas are one of the first you can find!

The bearer of the passport was a government officer and was honored 1951 with Order of the Oak Crown (French: Ordre de la couronne de Chêne, Luxembourgish: Eechelaafkrounenuerden).

A rare collectible in this combination (passport & entries) and especially of interest for LUXEMBOURG and ALLIED MILITARY COLLECTORS.

The Combined Travel Board of the Allied High Commission has announced that as of April 23, 1951, the Allied High Commission permit office in Brussels will close and transfer its functions to the German Consulate General. This is the 10th Allied permit office to close and hand over its functions to German consulates general in fulfillment of the High Commission’s policy of transferring responsibilities for travel control to the federal authorities.

The Allied permit office in Rome closed April 16, 1951. Other cities in which such functions have been transferred to German offices are London, Paris, New York, Copenhagen!, Stockholm, Ankara, Athens and Pretoria. The Allied permit office in Luxembourg closed May 1 and the offices in Berne and Oslo were scheduled to cease
operations June 1, 1951.

The German consulates will deal with all normal passport and visa matters.

Luxembourg Passport 1950 – Allied Military Government

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