Mecklenburg-Schwerin Consular Passport

Mecklenburg-Schwerin Consular Passport

This more than one hundred and sixty-year-old passport (large double-folio) from the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin is a scarce document issued at their Embassy in the Kingdom of Prussia in 1858 to notable composer Carl Luehrss.


His passport was valid for three months and has passport no. 4 of the passport register from Berlin, 4 March 1858. The low number indicates that not many travel documents have been issued there. In fact, I never saw a German consular passport of the smaller duchies, grand duchies, or principalities before. The passport states Luehrss was tall and had blonde hair. His journey was to Aachen.

From Berlin to Aachen, it’s a distance of more than 600km, and that means he would travel several days. If he used his own transport or public transport, we could only speculate.

  Mecklenburg-Schwerin Consular Passport



Carl Lührß (* April 7, 1824, in Schwerin; † November 11, 1882, in Berlin) was a German composer. When the passport was issued, he was 34 years old. His father was the Schwerin palace organist and court musician Friedrich Lührß, who also gave him his first musical education. From 1840 he studied at the Academy of Arts in Berlin, where Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy became aware of him and taught him. In 1841 he made his first public appearance as a pianist. From 1847 to 1848, he made a trip to Italy and then returned to Schwerin. In 1851 he took up residence in Berlin. Mecklenburg-Schwerin Consular Passport

Lührß was considered a great talent but largely ceased his compositional activities after his marriage to a wealthy woman (1851). His presumably last work was premiered in 1874. He last lived at Derfflingerstraße 14 in Berlin-Tiergarten, where he died at 58 in 1882. His estate, consisting of printed music and musical manuscripts (5 boxes, about 100 volumes), is housed at the Berlin University of the Arts. Unfortunately, numerous works appear to be lost, including a Psalm (1845), the unfinished opera The Siege of Saragossa, whose overture was performed in 1863, and the overture In Spring (1865). Mecklenburg-Schwerin Consular Passport

I can’t read who signed the passport from the embassy side, but it seems it was not the ambassador itself. Ambassador was von 1858 until his death in 1861, Ernst von Hopffgarten.

Mecklenburg-Schwerin Consular Passpor

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