Military-ID USSR Officer – Stalingrad

Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad77 years end of WWII

Usually, I do not collect such documents, but this ID got my attention as such WWII Russian documents are not often to find, and this one is special as this officer fought in STALINGRAD! Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad

Meet Ukrainian senior lieutenant Yankovsky Victor Stanislavovich, born on 23 Dec 1908. In 1942/43, he served as battalion chief of staff and chief in the 1328 rifle regiment – South Front, which was part of the 315th Rifle Division, a standard Red Army rifle division formed for the first time on February 12, 1942, in the Siberian Military District before being sent to the vicinity of Stalingrad, where it was engaged in the futile efforts to break through to the besieged city from the north near Kotluban.

On 19th August 1943, while crossing the River Mius, Victor was wounded heavily to both legs, left hand, and head and was evacuated to the hospital № 2556.

He received the following awards: Order Red Star – Medal For Defense of Stalingrad and Medal For Victory over Germany.

Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle of Stalingrad marked the beginning of a critical turning point in the war, and this pivotal change of fortune was subsequently consolidated in the Battle of Kursk. Soviet forces firmly took the strategic initiative into their hands and didn’t let go until the final victory. Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad

February 1943

The Soviet troops advancing from Stalingrad raced towards Rostov-on-Don to cut off Kleist’s escape route. However, fierce resistance by the enemy didn’t allow them to liberate the city until February 14, 1943. Romanian and German troops had had enough time to withdraw to defensive positions on the River Mius and the so-called ‘Blue Line’ on the Taman Peninsula, which protected the route to the Crimea. And there, the Red Army offensive was halted.

Even before the end of the Battle of Kursk, the Red Army started trying to break through enemy defenses at other sectors of the Soviet-German front, particularly in the defensive line on the Mius River and the course of the ‘Mga Offensive Operation’ outside Leningrad. Despite setbacks, the operations allowed several German divisions to be pinned down and prevented from participating in ‘Operation Citadel.’ Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad

August 1943

After the triumph on the Kursk Salient, the offensive by Soviet troops rapidly gained momentum: In August 1943, the Mius-Front was breached, the liberation of the Donbas began, and Kharkiv was regained. In September, the Red Army dislodged the Germans from the ‘Blue Line’ on the Taman Peninsula, forcing them to evacuate to Crimea, liberate Smolensk, and enter the territory of Byelorussia. Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad

The Military ID Document Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad


Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad

Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad

Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad

A big shout-out to my friend Albert who took the time and effort to translate the document content for me! Thank you! Military-ID USSR Officer Stalingrad

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