Unusual Nazi Passport 1946

unusual Nazi Passport
Issued in August 1946 in Cologne – still with Swastika!

Unusual Nazi Passport
The Allied Forces defeated Nazi Germany,

and WWII was already over after more than one year. However, the passport office in Cologne / Germany still issued this passport with Swastika for Elise Wolber, a housewife from Cologne and 64 years old.

The passport was valid for just one year, with no visas. The Swastika on the cover was not over-labeled, while the one on page one is hidden as the city’s revenue stamps were placed precisely over the Swastika. Nazi Passport Issued in 1946

Most interesting is the scope of the passport: Valid for Reichsgebiet (Reich) – British Zone – other domestic and foreign territories only with special permission of the Allied Military Government (!)


Of course, material was scarce during this time, and old forms were used to issue documents. During this time, shortly after WWII, we can find many curious and unusual documents. Sometimes, even unique! See the pictures below… unusual Nazi Passport.

Denazification unusual Nazi Passport

Denazification in Germany was attempted through a series of directives issued by the Allied Control Council, seated in Berlin, beginning in January 1946. “Denazification directives” identified specific people and groups and outlined judicial procedures and guidelines for handling them. Though all the occupying forces had agreed on the initiative, the methods used for denazification and the intensity with which they were applied differed between the occupation zones.

Denazification also refers to removing the physical symbols of the Nazi regime, e.g., the Swastika.


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