This North Korean Passport Is Truly A Rare Collectible

You might have read my article about the facts of the North Korean passport. Well, I can now display an obsolete document of such a passport. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to get it for my own collection, but with the support of a fellow collector from China, I can at least share the pictures. As a collector, if you are interested in getting such a super rare document, I only can recommend not to hesitate one second if you have the chance to grab one. The occurrence of these documents is extremely rare.

North Korean passport


If you’re born in North Korea, you’ll probably never be allowed to leave North Korea. Under Kim Jong-Un’s totalitarian regime, it’s illegal for anyone who lives in the isolated nation to leave without the state’s consent. Very few people ever receive such consent because they must either be visiting relatives in China or be traveling for professional purposes. Those who are lucky enough — or pay enough — to be allowed to leave are issued an “ordinary” passport. These travel documents are only temporary and must be given back upon returning to the country. North Korean passport

There are also diplomatic and official passports given to high-ranking politicians and economic bureaucrats. Still, even these are only valid for five years and must be returned after each travel. Because of this, the North Korean passport is one of the rarest in the world. North Korean passport

The earliest passports of the Korean Peninsula were issued in 1902 by the Korean Empire, with two types, a trading passport, and a travel passport. The passports have Chinese text as well as English and French translations. North Korean passports were first issued in the 1950s with passports in Korean, Russian, and Chinese, while the current passport has Korean and English only.



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