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All documents are invalid and for education/collection only!

Offers old collectible passports

Collecting Historical Passports
Passport collecting is not a new leisure activity. Some collectors are into this hobby for 30+ years. But of course, collecting old passports is – let’s say “unusual.” Passport collectors are a small but elegant community. If you ask me how many collectors are out there – I can’t tell. What I can say is that 400+ subscribers are on my newsletter. Yes, the world is flat, at least when we look at the border stamps and visas in such travel documents. But there is more to explore and to consider, much more…

When I say old passports are “artworks,” then I am talking about the handwriting, colorful border stamps and revenue stamps, and of course, the passport photo. I often collect a passport because of a unique or unusual passport picture. Passport collecting is also most educational as you learn a lot about geography, history, and politics but also important you need some kind of knowledge in these fields to evaluate an old travel document correctly. Offers old collectible passports

Passport Collecting – How to Start?

If you want to become a serious collector of passports, then I always recommend beginners to collect quality instead of quantity! Collecting is a leisure activity, but at the same time, you also invest money, and no matter what you collect quality items are always to prefer as they have value – historically and economically.

What to Collect?
I recommend setting a collection focus which you can extend in time. If you start at the beginning with everything, then you will quickly lose your overview. I focus on German including East Germany passports of any period. No ID-Cards or other documents – only passports. Other collectors looking e.g., only for diplomatic passports or consular passports (passports issued abroad). In my own collection, I still miss a few German Empire passport booklets of the smaller states like Waldeck-Pyrmont which are very difficult to find! Offers old collectible passports

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Passport collecting is nothing illegal as long as you have a valid reason to collect them (history, research, leisure activity), and as long the documents are old and obsolete! Please read a more detailed statement on legal aspects on my website. Offers old collectible passports