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Collecting old (vintage and obsolete) passports is a unique hobby enjoyed by history buffs, collectors, and those curious about the evolution of travel documents. These passports are often in demand because of their historical value, beautiful handwriting, and colorful stamps and visas. Check out the passport picture below. Isn’t it cool? I often collect passports just for their interesting passport photos, which you don’t find in today’s modern, high-tech travel documents. old passports for sale

Passports High-tech booklet commodity
Left: Guitar-playing girl. Right: One of the first passport booklets, 1863.
Define a collection focus, and remember – QUALITY before quantity! old passports for sale

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It’s worth mentioning that I am a private collector, not a dealer! My website has been online since 2010 and has gained recognition from collectors, professionals, and other interested parties.

I assure you of a trustworthy, equitable, and efficient transaction process. Please take a look at my profile, references, and testimonials. I do not offer nor search valid and current passports. The sale of valid documents is illegal!


The List old passports for sale

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CountryYearDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
Australia1913Very rare early folio from New South Wales. Pictures650
Austria1922Beautiful daughter of a Major issued in Vienna
British Palestine1945/48Double passport sealed together, issued 1945 +48 for a student with plenty of travels and visas. OUTSTANDING, because there are the very first stamps of the newly established State of Israel. Stamped only 4 days after its foundation on May 14, 1948! THIS IS HISTORY Link3000
Canada1919excellent condition, crisp cover and COA. Pictures400
Canada1940For travel to the USA only, incl. Nonresident Alien's Border Crossing Identification Card. Pictures400
China1964Including DPRK (North Korea) Visa! For a young student girl. Extremely rare! Pictures1500
Danzig1926with Immigration visa to US issued at the American Consulate in Danzig. Pictures200
Finland1951just like new, for a woman, several visas and revenues, 32 pages
France1852POUR UN AGENT CONSULAIRE D'AUTRICHE, unusual diplomatic passport of the Second Republic, PARIS ON 20 AOUT 1852. De Bois Lambert Austrian consular agent appointed by the General Consul of Austria to visit in Caen granted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Island Drouyn Lhuys. Grand folio paper (39cm x 25cm) with the seal of the Republic SECOND and signature of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Drouyn Lhuys. Excellent condition.
Germany18223 handwritten regulations, King of Saxony
Germany1935Child passport, City of Aachen50
Germany1905Consulate Kiew75
Germany1939Grenzempfehlung for Egyptian Princess, expiring days before WWII begins. Link200
Germany1925MINISTERIALPASS, Daughter of the Ambassador (Chancellor) in Haag. Link400
Germany1819Passport regulation, Traffic between Saxony and Prussia
Poland1947Shanghai Jew who is engraved in the "Shanghai List Wall", ONE of only 13.000!
Passport issued by famous diplomat STANISLAW KOSTARSKI, also a participant of the Warsaw uprising!

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