One of the very last East German passports issued in July 1990

The passport history of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) is a brief one, but most interesting. While the GDR released it’s first passport act only in 1955, six years after it’s foundation, the very last passports must have been issued mid 1990. The BERLIN WALL was already open and the unification was on it’s brink. While I have seen many passports issued in January and February 1990, a few in March 1990 but so far never later. But this one was issued on July 26, 1990 around three months before the German unification. So far I would say it is indeed one of the very last issues. If you should have knowledge of even later issued passports I would be glad if you let me know.

DDR 26.07.1990 Neubrandenburg


East German passports (German Democratic Republic, GDR) are nice and still affordable collectibles and in my opinion underestimated by collectors. Why? Till mid 80’s the people did rarely held a passport as they were heavily restricted to travel outside GDR. Passports issued in the 60’s and 70’s are already hard to find but the newer ones are still cheap and almost in new condition. Mielke’s passport was sold some years ago > read the earlier article here…

Dienstpass (Service passport)
Diplomatic passport (blank)
Diplomatic passport of Erich Mielke (former chief of STASI)
Fremdenpass (Alien passport)

In meantime I could add the diplomatic passport of Günter Mittag (member of parliament, secretary of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED), and a central figure in the German planned economy) to my collection.

One of the very last East German passports issued in July 1990

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