Passport Collecting – What is it all about?

This was one of the presentattions from our passport collectors meeting in Berlin last year. Enjoy!

Passport collecting – What is it all about?

The Collection & Documentation of a Great Collector Passport collector Peter Linnepe Germany presented by First Int. Passport Collectors Meeting Berlin 12-13 May 2012 presented by WELCOME My intention to build… 1. There was nothing for my needs! 2. Promote Passport collecting 3. Share Information & Experience 4. COMMUNICATION 5. …LEARN (knowledge) 6. Show commitment 7. …Supporting each other 8. Build a solid community Passport Collecting What is it all about? My collection has 400+ items My collection focus GERMANY GDR SWITZERLAND THAILAND COLLECTIVE PASSPORTS Questions: How to strengthen our community? …support each other? Should we have a Code of Conduct? How looks the future of passport collecting? 13th May – NH-HOTEL BERLIN MITTE 10am – Meeting room “Ludwig Erhard” PRESENTATIONS Brief introduction by Tom Topol ( “From Colony to Independence – Singapore`s Passport History” by Gil Schneider, Singapore “An Analysis of International Identity and Travel Documents for Refugees and Stateless Persons” by G.E.T., Romania “The people and stories behind the passports” & “The border crossing markings of the Inner German border” by Edwards Hands, United Kingdom “The Collection Documentation of a great collector” by Tom Topol, Switzerland What you see here was just a glimpse of Peters collection – he sold entirely. But I know the 2000+ outstanding collectibles are in good hands now. Peter had a extensive documentation about travel documents and I am more than happy to got this large archive, which will be shared with my fellow collectors. THANK YOU PETER! End of the presentation

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