(PCC) at the Political Archives of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin.

The Political Archive is the “memory” of the Federal Foreign Office. The team includes archivists, historians and restorers as well as record management, Reading Room and stack staff. The tasks are many and varied. Over 25 linear kilometres of records are stored here, including more than 30,000 international treaties, the personal papers of 300 diplomats, 10,000 photos and 300 audiovisual media.

As you might know I do collect German + Swiss passports and related documents and I do have some Diplomatic Passports where I liked to know more about. So I made a appointment at the Political Archive. Well in advance I was communicating to them what I like to reseach and what I like to see – if possible. Right away I can tell you what I could inspect there was very very interesting. First of all I like to thank Dr.Keiper for welcome me and granting access to the archive with great examples of passports and related documents he prepared. During my 2 days visit I spent around 10 hours at the archive and could study several papers. That I can share this information with you all is possible as I got the permission to publish what I have researched.

I will take some time to order and write down  what I have collected but it will be for sure a series of articles over the next month.

So please stay curious as always and I am sure you will love what you will see soon…