Passport Collectors Meeting Zurich

I love to meet up with my fellow collectors, here with Guido & Gerhard. We had once again a great time sharing documents, collectors stories, and of course collectibles. Besides that, we enjoyed the great service of the famous Cafe Sprüngli at Paradeplatz in Zurich. I have seen some very nice documents and was able to swap some documents. Gerhard is collecting German documents and has some impressive collectibles. While Guido collects what he likes, no special focus, except his collectibles must be always in almost perfect condition.

It would be great if we could have such passport collector meetings on a regular basis but the issue is how to bring all the international (or even the national) collectors together? In Switzerland alone, I have personal contacts with dozens of collectors of historical passports. To share personal experience and seeing collectibles is priceless as everyone is a specialist in its own field of collection. Another passport collector meeting will be on next Saturday 24 May with my Swiss fellow collector Edi.

ppcm_ZRH (1)
Guido, Gerhard & Tom having fun…
ppcm_ZRH (2)
Sprüngli Cafe & an old Belgian Travel Document

Another Passport Collectors Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland

Passport Collectors Meeting Zurich

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