Passport Dr. Heineken, Hanseatic City of Bremen

This Free Hanseatic City of Bremen 1842 passport is a wonderful addition to my collection. The passport comes in a large dark green leather wallet with the bearer’s name in golden imprinted letters. Dr. Liborius Christian Abraham Heineken, Lawyer, born Feb 11, 1819, in Bremen, died Dec 10, 1883, in Bremen. Passport Doctor Heineken Bremen

Passport Doctor Heineken Bremen

Passport issued on Jan 14, 1842, in Bremen and states he is 21 years old. Valid for one year. First visa stamp: Berlin, Feb 24, 1842. Last visa stamp: Zürich, Oct 19, 1842. A total of 37 visa stamps! Very well traveled within only 8 months! Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bohemia (Prague), France, Italy. Passport Doctor Heineken Bremen

Passport Doctor Heineken Bremen

His Father was Friedrich Wilhelm Heineken (* 18. Oktober 1787 in Bremen; † 2. April 1848 in Bremen) Lawyer and Senator in Bremen. He was married to Anna Theodora nee Oelrichs, daughter of Bremen Senator Georg Oelrichs (1754–1809). They had six sons and three daughters. Passport Doctor Heineken Bremen

Passport Doctor Heineken Bremen

The harbor of Vegesack became part of the city of Bremen in 1803. In 1811, Napoleon invaded Bremen and integrated it as the capital of the Département de Bouches-du-Weser (Department of the Mouths of the Weser) into the French State. In 1813, the French—as they retreated—withdrew from Bremen. Johann Smidt, Bremen’s representative at the Congress of Vienna, was successful in achieving the non-mediatization of Bremen, Hamburg, and Lübeck by which they were not incorporated into neighboring monarchies, but became sovereign republics. Bremen joined the North German Confederation in 1867 and four years later became an autonomous component state of the new-founded German Empire and its successors. Passport Doctor Heineken Bremen

The first German steamship was manufactured in 1817 in the shipyard of Johann Lange. In 1827, Bremen, under Johann Smidt, its mayor at that time, purchased land from the Kingdom of Hanover, to establish the city of Bremerhaven (Port of Bremen) as an outpost of Bremen because the river Weser was silting up. The shipping company Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) was founded in 1857. Lloyd was a byword for commercial shipping and is now a part of Hapag-Lloyd.

Beck’s Brewery was founded in 1837 and remains in operation today as part of Anheuser-Busch InBev. In 1872, the Bremen Cotton Exchange was founded.

Passport Doctor Heineken Bremen

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