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An educational + entertaining BOOK about the HISTORY of the PASSPORT. 353 pages with amazing stories including 183 astonishing pictures which are impossible to use today in your passport – well, almost. Passport History Book

Why This Book?

This book will give you an overview of roughly 500 years of passport history. These pages contain insights on selected, rare examples of travel documents from the past including extinct countries along with fantastic stories and astonishing passport photos. Identification papers until the 14th-century were a privilege, only from the 15th-century passports became somehow obligatory. For the first time, issued to soldiers, especially mercenaries who had returned from war and for whom such a document served as a letter of dismissal.

We discuss historical people, ordinary people, celebrities, heroes, and criminals with their experiences during their journey at different periods. You will be surprised by the beautiful passport photo of a young Japanese woman in her Kimono during the time of the Japanese Empire and some remarkable passports from territories which are no longer exist, like German-Austria, Ionian Islands, or Manchukuo.

Furthermore, you will obtain insight into the value of old passports, including the most highly valued passport ever sold. The book includes 182 pictures and is a vital source for interested readers and collectors alike.

Old passports are “Pieces of Art.” Why? Because of the handwriting, the colorful border and revenue stamps, and of course the passport photo. I often collect a passport only because of its unique or unusual passport photo. In the past, each passport was a unique document compared to our standardized passport booklets today.

Passport History Book


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Table of Contents & Sample Pages
353 pages / 183 pictures

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