british passport china

Passport issued by the British consul in Hankou for a Missionary

…in Chinese script

This very rare British Passport was issued by the UK Consulate in Hankou, China, as a Chinese version of the normal UK Passport to ensure local officials gave safe conduct to British visitors (mostly Missionaries). Hankou, close to the junction of the Yangtze and Han Rivers, was an important center for Missionary work in China. The Paper Passport is unique in that it was the only one issued in 1905 to the Rev. C. Carwardine, and is rare since only 65 such passports were issue in Hankou between January 1905 and mid-November 1905. It has two consular postage stamps (2 & 5 shillings) that have been authenticated with the Hankou Consular rubber-stamp (and signed for the consulate by W. Hitchens).The large red Chinese ‘Chock Stamps’ are those of the British Embassy (in Chinese Script) authorizing the passport. This document is in good condition considering the age and the very flimsy paper it is printed on. There are just a couple of small insignificant tears in the paper. The document measures about 21 by 17.5 inches (54 x 44 cm.). Congratulation to the winner who paid 1044 USD.


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