Passport issued by Count Friedrich von Zeppelin 1828

Passport issued by Count Friedrich von Zeppelin 1828

I am delighted to share with you this excellent document which I could only acquire with the support of a great fellow collector. Theo, you are the best! Another superb example of a collector`s collaboration.

The displayed passport is issued by Count Friedrich von Zeppelin (1807-1889), Minister of State, Supreme Chamberlain, Extraordinary Envoy of King Wilhelm I. of Württemberg at the Royal Austrian Court in Vienna and father of Ferdinand Count of Zeppelin – the inventor of the Zeppelin airships.

The passport has several visas on the reverse and is printed/written on heavy paper. The condition is just excellent and is initially signed by Friedrich von Zeppelin. A masterpiece! I knew a collector who had the passport of Ferdinand von Zeppelin (the inventor) in his collection. He claimed to have it sold for $8000. Having these two documents in one collection would be the perfect match.


Friedrich Jerôme Wilhelm Karl Graf von Zeppelin (* 29 November 1807 in Ulm; † 25 March 1886 in Emmishofen) was a German court official and entrepreneur.

Count Friedrich von Zeppelin was the son of the Württemberg Minister of State Ferdinand Ludwig von Zeppelin. He was a princely court and government councilor in Hohenzollern-Hechingen and Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. During his studies, he became a member of the Burschenschaftliche Brauchverbindung / Commentverbindung Tübingen in 1825. 1834 he held the position of an Oberhofmarschall in Sigmaringen.

The Konstanz factory owner’s daughter Amélie Françoise Pauline Macaire d’Hogguèr (1816-1852) married Von Zeppelin. The couple initially lived in Sigmaringen but moved to Constance around 1837. Friedrich von Zeppelin had been involved in the cotton factory and the bank of his father-in-law David Macaire d’Hogguèr (1775-1845), who came from Geneva, since 1836. At Christmas 1840, he gave the couple Girsberg Castle in Emmishofen on the shores of Lake Constance, where the family lived from then on.

The three children of the couple were:

Eugenie (* 11 January 1836; † 8 June 1911) ∞ Wilhelm Friedrich Karl von Gemmingen (* 12 October 1827; † 6 January 1920)
Ferdinand (* 8 July 1838; † 8 March 1917), pioneer of airship travel (zeppelins) ∞ Isabella von Wolff (* 4 May 1846; † 2 February 1922)
Eberhard (* 22 May 1842; † 30 October 1906) ∞ Sophie von Wolff (* 20 September 1840; † 28 October 1919)

Passport issued by Count Friedrich von Zeppelin 1828

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