Passport for a Member of the Frankfurt National Assembly

Austrian Imperial Royal Passport, Vienna, 15 May 1848, German form of paper with handwritten additions, 39 x 44.5 cm.,folded.Signed by Count Raymond Albert Zeno of Montecuccoli Laderchi (1802-1852), District Commissioner of Salzachkreis, District Marshal and Governor of Lower Austria, the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetian. The manuscript is also undersigned from the recipient of the passport, Dr. Ignaz Neubauer, Lawyer (1816-1888). Passport valid for one year and received “/ as a deputy to the German National Assembly / “to the trip to” / Frankfurt am Main and further into the German Federal States / “. Backside Exit stamps on the “/ Oderberg (Austrian Silesia) of 16 May 1848 and a return trip memo dated 12 April 1849 with an associated stamp.

 The Frankfurt National Assembly, the first freely elected parliament of the German states, was the result of the European revolutions of 1848. They met on 18 May 1848 to 31 May 1849 in St. Paul’s Church. Neubauer was a member of the “state house” or “upper house” with a total of 192 members. Prussia was the largest fraction with 40 members, followed by Austria with 38 members.

Ignaz Neubauer born in 1816 in Pauwach (Styria) studied Rights and received his law doctorate from the University Vienna in 1843. From 29 May 1848 to 13th April 1849 Neubauer was as a member of the 3rd Constituency of Styria Feldbach, member of the first German parliament, the Frankfurt National Assembly (1848/49), held at the Frankfurter St. Paul’s Church. Neubauer was a member of the fractions “Café Milani “and” Casino ” (named according to their Meeting places, orientation national liberal or conservative). When the Parliament with the exodus of conservative forces failed, also Neubauer’s mandate was terminated. 1850 to 1882 he was professor of criminal law in Graz / Austria. With his retirement the government awarded him with the Honorary Degree “Regierungsrat” (Councilor).

This is truly a most important document of German history – and I am more than happy to have it in my collection!

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2 comments for “Passport for a Member of the Frankfurt National Assembly

  1. 27 December, 2017 at 03:18

    Ist es moeglich, eine Kopie des Reisepasses meines Vofahren ” Dr. Ignaz Neubauer, Universitaetsprofessor, Reichstagsabgeordneter (1848, Paulskirche in Frankfurt/Main), Regierungsrat”
    zu bekommen? Dr. Neubauer ist der Bruder meiner Ur-, Ur-,Ur-Grossmutter Josefina Wiedner, geborene Neubauer. Mit Freundlichem Gruss. A. Wiesenhofer , Buerstadt, Deutschland

    • 27 December, 2017 at 22:43

      Sehr geehrter Herr Wiesenhofer, sehr gerne sende ich ihnen eine Kopie des Passes bei Gelegenheit, da das Dokument aktuell nicht bei mir ist. Herzlichen Gruss Tom Topol

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