“Passport to crime ” is the title of a TV report by Singapore based news channel  – a brief and very flat report on passport fraud related to missing Malaysian flight MH0370 last week. Thailand and especially the city of Pattaya seems to be a hot spot for passport fraud. Beside the repetition of all the facts which were already in the media for weeks, the report revealed nothing new. A brief interview with a Thai police investigator was very basic and besides that you could see briefly a view into Bangkok’s passport forgery department.

The fact that you can buy fake ID cards, driver licenses, student cards and press cards in the famous / infamous Khao San Road is lame as every backpacker can tell you that.  The report was stating that you can also get fake / forged passports or even buy a genuine passports which tourists would sell if they are in financial trouble. Can we believe all this? According another news report 60.000 passports were reported lost/stolen within 19 month. That’s 105 passports a day! Really?

I was expecting more of this report. Why not talk to INTERPOL here in Bangkok to uncover truth and myth? Why not get one of these fake document vendors for a interview? Not reay a investigative report and if you didn’t saw the TV report you missed nothing at all.

At one point the report was even misleading in my opinion. When showing Khao San Road a background footage was displayed with a binder of passports which is used at the Thai Police Passport Forgery Department but it gives the impression you will find binders of passports there ready for sale.

However the Malaysian MH0370 incident should have impact on a new passport and flight security strategy. Are passports really safe to identify a person? What is the sense of a huge INTERPOL passport database if only very few countries accessing it on regular basis? Watch also the video on these topics at my website.