Passport Vice-Consul Pankhurst Lausanne

Passport Vice-Consul Pankhurst Lausanne
Blank British passport form, Vice-Consul Pankhurst, Lausanne, Switzerland 18xx.

Passport Vice-Consul Pankhurst Lausanne
You see a blank form of a British consular passport from the late 19th century (18xx). The form is printed on exclusive paper with a watermark. The credentials identify James Pankhurst, Vice-Consul in Switzerland at Lausanne. The condition is fantastic, with minor defects at the foldings.

I did not find relevant information on Pankhurst. He was at his post probably only from 1886-1888. British Ambassador then was Francis Ottiwell Adams (1825–1889). He served as Secretary of the British Legation in Japan from 1868 to 1872 and as British Ambassador in Switzerland from 1881 to 1888. As Ambassador to Switzerland, he was among the signatories of the Bern Convention of 1886.

Finding a blank passport form from the 19th century is pretty lucky.



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