Passports With New Technology For Even More Security – Never Seen Before

Passports With New Technology For Even More Security – Never Seen Before

Modern passports bearing plenty of security features nowadays. Hologram, Micro printing and UV features, just to mention some. There are even additional hidden security features which only the printer of a passport has knowledge about and only he can verify these features. But the newest security feature will hit the market very soon with a technology never seen included in passports before.

We all need to travel from time to time, domestic or international. No matter if you travel by car, train, boat or plane because this new security feature will revolutionize passports around the world.

Every day we can read news about how a passport is ranking on a global scale, about passport colors and sloppy stamping by border control officers. By the way did you know that passports only have four different colors? Well, except if you are color blind then they always have only one color.

No matter how many pages your passport has – 24, 36, 48 or 96 pages, this revolutionary new security feature will serve them all. Don’t worry anymore! had exclusive access to the laboratories of the global leading security printer, who is responsible for 99% market share. We all know who it is, so I don’t need to mention any names, right? Well, here is the first picture of this new security feature…

Passports With New Technology For Even More Security - Never Seen Before
Copyright of the leading company with a 99% market share

This voice chip has several functions

  • Detecting your passport no matter where the fu*k you placed it. Just shout out your passport number and the chip will reply “I am here, master”.
    You will always find your travel document to be with you at your next passport control. P.S. You can adjust to a male or female voice.
  • Sealing your passport – nobody can open your passport booklet to see that embarrassing passport photo, shot by clerks at the passport office who have no clue about art in photography. They even tell you not to smile and to take off your (sun) glasses. ONLY YOUR VOICE will open the travel book!
  • Voice recording. After you passport is returned to you by border control officers you can listen to the remarks they were whispering during the passport inspection. You might be surprised what you will hear. Stay calm at any time and at no circumstances return back to the officer to complain. You might get deported!

According to the security printing company, remember – they hold 99% market share, the new technology is already a huge success and 190 countries out of 196 will introduce the new technology. Unofficially, a representative told me, they are still pissed off as they still not reached 100% market share with this new technology.

Well, lets see what the future brings for passport holders and this company…

P.S. Don’t take this article too serious and remember what day we have today 😉 

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