Paul von Medem – Russian Envoy in Vienna 1842

Paul Graf von Medem (* January 9, 1800, in Mitau; † January 10, 1854) was a Russian diplomat. Paul Medem Russian Envoy

Paul von Medem studied law at the University of Berlin from 1818, where he became a member of the Corps Curonia Berlin. From 1819 to 1820, he continued his studies at the University of Heidelberg. There he joined the Corps Curonia Heidelberg. After completing his studies, he entered the diplomatic service of the Russian Empire. Initially working as an embassy counselor in Paris, he was Russian chargé d’affaires in London from 1834 to 1835. From 1840 to 1841, he was a Russian envoy in Stuttgart and Darmstadt. After serving on a special mission from 1841 to 1848, he was a Russian envoy in Vienna from 1848 to 1850. He was appointed Privy Councilor and Chamberlain. Paul Medem Russian Envoy

Since 1838, he was the owner of the Elley manor in Courland, which he endowed as a majorate. His parents were Count Christoph Johann Friedrich von Medem (1763-1838) and his wife Countess Louise von der Pahlen (1778-1831). His brothers were the Russian diplomat Alexander von Medem and the Kurland district marshal and state representative Peter von Medem. Paul Medem Russian Envoy

Passport in German and Russian issued by Paul Graf von Medem as Russian envoy in Vienna to Kollegienrat Alexander von Welenc for a courier trip to Warsaw.

Text in original German… “Thue hiermit allen daran gelegen, kund und zu wissen dass Verzeiger dieses der Kais. Russischen Bothschafts Sekretair, Herr Collegien-Rath und Ritter Alexander von Welenc von hier als Courier mit einem Bedienten nach Warschau und zurück abgefertigt worden ist. Als wird ein Jeder, dem dieses vorgezeigt wird, nach Stand und Würde von mir geziemend ersucht, gedachten Herrn Collegienrath von Welenc nebst einem Diener überall frey und ungehindert bis nach Warschau und zurück passiren zu lassen. […]”.

With the lithographic coats of arms of Tsar Nicholas I and Paul Count von Medem. Countersigned by an official and confirmed by the Imperial-Royal Secret House, Court, and State Chancellery. With numerous embassy and police notes of the border crossings and cities passed. Paul Medem Russian Envoy

This beautiful, rare sizeable double-folio passport in excellent condition is now in my collection. Paul Medem Russian Envoy

Paul Medem Russian EnvoyRussian passport Alexander I 1842 Vienna


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