Polish Diplomatic Passport – Consuls’ Daughter

Polish Diplomatic Passport

This Polish diplomatic passport from 1935 was issued for Krystyna Rogalska, daughter of consul Mieczysław Rogalski. Rogalski was a member of the Polish Military Organization from 1914. After Poland regained independence, he entered the diplomatic service. From 1928–1939, he worked as a consul in German East Prussia, in the cities of Kwidzyn, Ełk. Olsztyn. The passport has a maroon, embossed cover with the Polish state’s emblematic and the inscription RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT. In the middle, it has two unfolding pages measuring 29 x 22 cm. The first one has a photo, the personal details of the owner, an ink seal, and a seal embossed in the paper. The remaining page has stamps extending the validity of the passport.

Mieczysław Rogalski, (born May 23, 1889, in Warsaw, died May 17, 1952, in Iwonicz-Zdrój ) – Polish lawyer, diplomat consular officer, Member of the National Council of Poland. In 1919 he was employed in the Polish foreign service. After the Polish-Soviet negotiations in Minsk In 1920, he was appointed a member of the Mixed Commission of the Republic of Poland and the RSFSR and USSR for repatriation (until 1923). Then he was the secretary of the Polish mission in Bucharest (1928–1930), vice-consul of the consulate in Olsztyn (1932), consul and head of the consulate in Kwidzyn (1932-1936) and the consulate in Ełk (1936–1939).

During World War II, he returned to the Lublin region. Arrested and imprisoned several times by the Germans. In 1944 he became the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Polish Committee of National Liberation, and then the director of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; he was also a member of the People’s Republic of Poland in Oslo and Reykjavík (1946-1948). In the years 1945–1947, he was a member of the National Council, where he was a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Religious and Nationality Committee. From 1948, he was a lecturer at the University of Warsaw. Polish Diplomatic Passport

Polish Diplomatic Passport
Polish Diplomatic Passport issued 1935 in Warsaw to Krystina Rogalska, the consuls’ daughter Polish Diplomatic Passport.
Polish Diplomatic Passport
Language Polish / French Polish Diplomatic Passport
including several diplomatic visas Polish Diplomatic Passport
e.g., a German diplomatic vis from 1937

According to Polish genealogy records, Krystyna Rogalska died on June 11, 1996, at age 76 in Warsaw. The passport was recently sold at an auction for $570.


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