US Passport 1954 – Territory Of Hawaii

US Passport Hawaii

This US passport was issued in Honolulu, Hawaii 1954 when it only was TERRITORY of the USA and not a STATE. Hawaii was incorporated 5 years later in 1959. Condition is almost like new and has a nice Japanese visa. In 1954 Hawaii had a population of only 500.000 citizens and we can assume at that time only max. 10% of the population had a passport at all. So I would say – yes, it’s a pretty rare collectible in awesome condition. Collecting historical passports for almost 15 years – this is the first one I ever saw and could grab. US Passport Hawaii

USA Hawaii Teritorry 1954b

The Hawaii Democratic Revolution of 1954 was a nonviolent revolution that took place in the Hawaiian Archipelago consisting of general strikes, protests, and other acts of civil disobedience. The Revolution culminated in the territorial elections of 1954 where the long reign of the Hawaii Republican Party in the legislature came to an abrupt end, as they were voted out of office to be replaced by members of the Democratic Party of Hawaii. The strikes by the Isles’ labor workers demanded similar pay and benefits to their Mainland counterparts. The strikes also crippled the power of the sugarcane plantations and the Big Five Oligopoly over their workers. US

USA Hawaii Teritorry 1954g

 Passport Hawaii

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