ROC Diplomatic Passport 1944

ROC Diplomatic Passport
The following Republic of China (ROC) diplomatic passport was issued in 1944 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the daughter of the Chinese Consul in Willemstad (William Town), Curacao. Miss She Yu Li traveled via India, Iraq, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, and all British and American ports to her father, She Zambeh (Shi Chaobai). Her diplomatic travel document has several entries, including two renewals of her passport until August 1953 (initially valid only for one year). The ministry also used a standard passport with the number 009249, stamped it DIPLOMATIC, and added the number 2725. As there is no entry of the girl’s age, we can only assume she was maybe a teenager, considering the passport photo.

There is a British diplomatic visa and immigration stamps from Curacao, USA. However, the Americans issued only an ordinary visa with the remark “Daughter of a Foreign Government Official.”

*No fewer than four consular officers were appointed at Curacao: one vice-consul and two consuls-in-training. In December 1943, the first Chinese consul for the Dutch West Indies, Shi Chaobai, arrived at his post. He left Willemstad in June 1947 and was succeeded by acting consul Zhang Zenfu. ROC Diplomatic Passport

*Forgotten Diplomacy: The Modern Remaking of Dutch-Chinese Relations, 1927–1950, by Vincent K.L. Chang

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